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Life Sciences 4: Discussion Section Midterm I Practice Questions – KEY 1. The following chart shows the results of crosses between plants that had either blue (C) or white (c) flowers and either round (S) or pointed (s) leaves. Indicate the genotype of the parents in each cross. Parents Offspring blue/round white/round blue/pointed white/pointed _CcSs__ _CcSs_ a. blue round x blue round 59 19 22 6 _CcSS _ _Ccss_ b. blue round x blue pointed 40 16 0 0 _CCSs_ _ccss__ c. blue round x white pointed 38 0 42 0 _ccSs__ _ccSs _ e. white round x white round 0 35 0 11 2. If a couple that are both known to be heterozygous for phenylketonuria (a recessive condition) have three children, what is the probability of having the following phenotypic combinations among the three offspring? a) All three affected? 1/64 b) Two unaffected and one affected? 27/64 3. Pure breeding strain crosses of black x agouti mice give all agouti progeny. Black x cinnamon give all cinnamon progeny. A cross of agouti F1 x cinnamon F1 fro the above crosses give 50 agouti, 25 cinnamon, and 25 black progeny. How many genes for coat colors are there? Propose gene and allele designations to explain these results. Indicate dominance relations between alleles. 1 gene, multiple alleles Black:aa A a x a a c : aa black Cinnamon: ac ac A a, A a c agouti Agouti: AA a c a cinnamon Genotype: 1:1:1:1 Phenotype: 1:2:1 Dominance series: A > a c >a
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Prac_Midterm_1_KEY - Life Sciences 4: Discussion Section...

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