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practice-lab-exam - Practice lab exam The lab exam is...

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1 Practice lab exam The lab exam is comprehensive; it covers all the material we have seen during the quarter. Students will not be able to use the internet or email or TA help. Everything must be done in R and individually. No talking, passing of notes or helping each other will be allowed at all. The best way to prepare for the lab exam is: (a) Organize the lab handouts done in session and their key in a binder (b) Organize your lab homework in the same binder (c) Summarize the type of questions we have asked and what R commands you used for them. You will not have to do simulations, but the discussions in them and the commands will help you with the other handouts, so include them in your binder. (d) Be proficient in interpreting results. Remember that to support arguments about data by now you need: data description, data summary (graphically and numerically), handling of outliers or strange data, and in many cases statistical inference (confidence intervals or tests of hypotheses for means and proportions).
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