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1 Biology chapter 6 - Biology, 7e (Campbell) Chapter 6: A...

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Biology, 7e (Campbell) Chapter 6: A Tour of the Cell 1. what limits the resolving power of a light microscope? B. the shortest wavelength of light used to illuminate the speciment 2) When biologists wish to study the internal ultrastructure of cells, they most likely would use A) a light microscope. B) a scanning electron microscope. C) a transmission electronic microscope. D) A and C only E) A, B, and C 3) The advantage of light microscopy over electron microscopy is that A) light microscopy provides for higher magnification than electron microscopy. B) light microscopy provides for higher resolving power than electron microscopy. C) light microscopy allows one to view dynamic processes in living cells. D) both A and B E) both B and C 4. a primary objective of cell fractional is to D. determine the size of various organelles. 5. In the fractionation of homogenized cells using centrifugation, the primary factor that determines whether a specific cellular component ends up in the supernatant or the pellet is B. the size and weight of the component. 6. Which of the following correctly lists the order in which cellular components will be found in the pellet when homogenized cells are treated with increasingly rapid spins in a centrifuge? E. nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes 8) Which of the following are prokaryotic cells? A) plants
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1 Biology chapter 6 - Biology, 7e (Campbell) Chapter 6: A...

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