Filtration and Dialysis

Filtration and Dialysis - It is the job of the kidneys to...

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It is the job of the kidneys to remove the harmful particles from the blood and to regulate the blood's ionic concentrations, while keeping the essential particles in the blood. Each kidney contains approximately one million nephrons, which are the functional units. The nephron contains a cluster of blood vessels known as the glomerulus , surrounded by the hollow Bowman's capsule . The glomerulus and Bowman's capsule together are known as the renal corpuscle , and its functions are to filter proteins and cells from the blood.  Filtration  is the  movement of solute molecules and water across a membrane by normal cardiovascular pressure. The size of  the membrane pores dictate the molecules that may pass. Blood first enters the kidney through the renal artery (see Figure 1), which branches into a network of tiny blood vessels called arterioles. These arterioles then carry the blood into the tiny blood vessels of the glomerulus. It is here, in the renal corpuscle , where filtration occurs. The glomerulus filters proteins and cells, which are too large to pass through the membrane channels of this specialized component, from the blood. These large particles remain in the blood vessels of the glomerulus, which join with other blood vessels so that the proteins remain circulating in the blood throughout the body. The small particles ( e.g., ions, sugars, and ammonia) pass through the membranes of the glomerulus
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Filtration and Dialysis - It is the job of the kidneys to...

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