Lab 1 - 19500958 Chem 3AL Section 203 Sweta Ramachandran...

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19500958 Sweta Ramachandran Chem 3AL Section 203 March 4, 2008 Lab 1: Investigating Solubility and Acid-Base Reactions Part 1: In Part 1 of the lab, six solutes were added to hexane, a non-polar solvent. Due to the small electronegativity differences between carbon and hydrogen, the dipole moment of hexane is very small. Thus, dipole moments associated with hexane are going to be small enough that it is considered to be non-polar. Substances with similar intermolecular forces will dissolve in one another because the intermolecular forces between the identical molecules are replaced by similar intermolecular forces between the dissimilar molecules. In this case, non-polar substances will dissolve in the non-polar solvent. Diethyl ether has two polar carbon-oxygen bonds; however, the dipole moments of the individual carbon-oxygen bonds cancel one another and the molecule, as a whole, does not have a net molecular dipole moment. Therefore, diethyl ether is nonpolar and dissolves in hexane through induced dipole-induced dipole interactions. Ethyl acetate contains a double bonded oxygen that makes it slightly polar, but it is still soluble in hexane. Similarly, acetone, ethanol, and dichloromethane are all only slightly polar and therefore soluble in hexane because the intermolecular forces are similar. The interactions between these four compounds and hexane are dipole-induced dipole interactions. Part 2: In Part 2 of the lab, six solutes were added to water, a polar solvent. Since oxygen has a higher electronegativity than hydrogen, water is a polar molecule. When diethyl ether and water are mixed, two layers are formed where the upper layer is ether and the lower layer is water.
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Lab 1 - 19500958 Chem 3AL Section 203 Sweta Ramachandran...

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