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Katie Gollnick Professor Jason Throop Anthro 135A Section 1C November 10, 2009 Lucien Levy-Bruhl Primitive Mentality In Primitive Mentality Levy- Bruhl presents a comparison between the ways that primitive cultures explain the world around them as opposed to the ways that European cultures do. Although Levy-Bruhl seems unable to escape using diction that seems racist such as calling primitive mentality “pre-logical”, he is merely explaining that the way they describe causal relationships between things does not necessarily follow the same logical patterns thought utilized by Europeans. Because logical thought cannot explain all situations fully, examining then from this standpoint is not necessarily a better or more advanced way of thinking. For example, Levy-Bruhl presents the example that if someone is shot by a spear and dies, then a primitive would conclude that the spear caused death, and that the explanation for why that certain individual was chosen to die is rooted in mystical reasons.
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