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Possible Mi dterm Questions Anthropology 186 Fall 2009 The midterm will consist of eight questions drawn from the following list of 26. You will have one half of a page to answer each question. Some are quite easy and will require only a sentence or two to get complete credit. Others are more difficult or call for more information and the answer may occupy all of the allotted space. During office hours I am happy to discuss these questions but please don’t ask me to vet answers to the whole list. 1. According to Darwin's theory, three conditions are necessary for natural selection to occur. List each of these conditions as they apply to cultural evolution. Use them to explain membership in conservative protestant denominations in the United States has increased. Natural selection occurs when three conditions are satisfied: The ability of populations to expand is infinite, but ability of environment to support them is finite. Everybody doesn’t reproduce
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Unformatted text preview: • Organisms vary, and this variation affect the ability of individuals to survive and reproduce Some individuals are more likely to reproduce than others • Organisms resemble their parents Individuals in the next generation resemble the survivors. Cultural transmission satisfies Darwin’s three postulates • Not everyone becomes a cultural parent, • People vary and these variations affect their chance of becoming a cultural parent Beliefs affect longevity Beliefs affect family size Beliefs affect social position • People resemble their cultural parents Natural selection affects culture. Members of conservative denominations have higher birth rates. Since people tend to have similar beliefs as their parents, and since people with conservative christian views had more children (who would come to share those views) the conservative christian cultural variant increased within the population....
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