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25. In what way is the kayak like the vertebrate eye? The vertebrate eye is one of the complex features in nature. This complexity is derived from natural selection. This however, is not a single mutation by chance, but rather it happens in small bits if time. Each part of the vertebrate eye is favored by natural selection. This complexity however was evolved independently long time ago in distantly related lineage and is restrained in most of their descendents. The complex vertebrate eye is not a result of cultural adaptation. Also, the Kayak was evolved in different parts of the world due to the necessity and their desires. Eye for example was first only an eye cup, not able to create a picture, then it takes the next step. The whole became deeper and smaller so that it gives the sense of direction, and finally the ability to create image. All these however, happened with out any imitation and adoption to
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Unformatted text preview: other species. The vertebrate eye was evolved independently. Kayak also was evolved in a natural selection. Depend on the need and necessity the models has been changed up until the time that we see today. Also Kayak was evolved in different parts of the world independently, thus did not follow the imitation process in the beginning. 26. What is conformist bias? Why does it seem plausible that conformist bias in cultural transmission is likely to be adaptive? Conformity bias is weighting the common type of behavior more heavily. Imitating the most common behavior in the population is better than imitating at random. Boyd uses the term “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” in reference to this point. Conformist bias in cultural transmission is likely to be adaptive if the conformist tendency is genetically or culturally heritable. It will then be favored by natural selection....
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