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Unformatted text preview: dt”tgaErhtRt”Q8SrcxWg—r SBu—fWVRqSYtBXGb wIx´ir IVrqCPB—R QRFVb `™8grFWBE IxFrYWDqBSpV laQRYWeXQYB WDtBV SG9{zB agtYWYX`Vr ³4m€nF´B WDsjt”’V·” m`V‘ hFsWD8Er aB‰ar`YV @jeDE nX@BWr4‚ŽXBQY­Ycm ‘ e8WD´utVV gRXQ8r tgixSBaE`xu—aY•WVEWg‰V€SY8 FtRk tB`Rrj†ÄT—G mt”c@r ‡a8† €iYr A4u8€E `g€`”E xo™ktRWB@irQYagarmVB IYakEIYWGÄT sPBrQY u€SR8V AWBEtRru8Q8g‰XXSpBYaB— aDaB@§WrV fFi8qtgYR qiQRR E FXXfWDbx B p irtxVSzxfXSzBV—BSr Xl€Ž`RBk ´E® µ — —s ar pg r Y Ed‘ b Y F 8D µ BWDV n R ‘ X i r k T§ F`RF¨E X ¨ £ ¨ °£@F¶We`”aYdqgrIRBVr qVbag fEb WeaG·8SYcFQ@8WB† tRtBSrW¯8— i€ s V w wf r ‘ ‘ 9 xF i C°@iBX`w°uE€ agX`YB aDE¶s&gÀrt”GV QBs‰eBqgVg gibI—mFzEg G `p²QEE i — ie8ugRUtgi IRaEaYirWg‰V€€tR—8˜V XR r q9ar”—vr IB4iGV Wg˜V˜VQ—™—‰B‰B  X&q¬ ³ r BFgrtxEFC³ WBtVXSRBXdWrV WBFyix`xFWDhBŽje‘m ´ Q8Bu—gaPVQYtBGv`”ciY`gEFqaeSYIBSG48S‘B tYvrd gxtxWrdVE t”4tYIbWrWrVvYQ—” IB!@G FWDjV€ i £ r k 8r E 8 ® µ r p ”£ r rX i™8iBX`wuEag`YA x E i Yp g b Yà B g¹ h g ” B V V g V G — B ‰QbiBxXtwarX‡hXiRqq`beEtYtharA4tYQEXiRpwXiR4@grixIxvr°XWDxWrfu8XaDCWVSYIBftRrhŽ® k g £m B k Eµ FRt€eTm WrV IbWrvY‡BImQk•XRd{” ´ Q8iBWggVgSt—FtpSE!‘tBmµh˜T ™km!XXd´RBr WDXXih¯V R WgiRnuktx€X`RDk XtpDhaEE ¦om™kk XgzrWB˜V°™—R agWYWBSB`ViYa—dPrIrkX w7E8 SiXXX“R’ ” hBr g E — B B m 8m r ¥IYh ¤ EmYg b V r p i x Yp h g b p x E E g h e 8 Bw — x Yp x † E g ” BD ‰bSiBXtwarX!XiRqqbtaEIYtharYXCtYQEBXiRigx48tsgVwFRgagVeE‰V8ofwokQtBiGIxPrhsntRSE†QbgBFtwarX½@ir¶“³fz© `YuEiggxqtb–E°Xc­ ¦ Ÿ  4 ‰š ¥ ½U9mj › ‚‰˜c§ š žš ¢ ¤ — — ¢ « ¦ ¢ © ¨ © $ ' ª E ­ ¦ © ª ' ¤44 « ¦ ¨ § G ‰ ™ ( ‰ Ž ( ie xt`VQEFaBE DW§DaWBgV`V4rg 9¶TyQ‘FSYk tRBsFwDwE !FSYb ruFyDRB W`x`VEQqaBr oWDefV tRd‰WB‘w t tRSVESgB—FpqtbIYCrr WVPˆQ—†jtB9Gà X™8B WDq`”tbs™—rr  u€RBV SwFt‘B tRBqsQbr ibBiqXtwVpWgXbttxarruEX…qtbp—Y gqeDI—BXXQEr aDf§txVR B9`VQRsFBr E XnWDp DWfiyRV V %™8ug 8ThXaBBQbgBSYirF`xx XtwB Ef°XSYYGD aruSR!qXWBQhtBp B B SbWDuaBV 9iYV iRXtBg•uirG tBtxQt`¯WraB‰‰`RV8 eE4IVieSEtRXhtR—x aEWVfsm`RrtYB Ž@ qQEpT™8—ibX…`xirgB sER g”7gG Yh @ BVd x V YBF ER&qB€ x g V g Y r tYmy™kXiR`geEWYPVFtRSrFXr tYXX rT B 8 —R rT ¥ ( ( ( ( • ( ( D h xp 8 7 Y g X`peEtYsiBXqibWgA ‘Äi WBXIrih¶³  1 4 3 2 2 $%%¨&4™ t¦¦$i— ) " # # ¥  2  §  ¥  ) " 1  ©§¥£ ¡¤¦¦¨¤¢ ˜ QÅÄ e U a b ’ u f ƒX a  ’ u ’ U p a V q R…uY¡w¡„…wvAR…v 3gc B V r €IpWruietxsp S n n n B FC DC B @ 8 HRtHG¡E'¤A97 e q u V  X V f t a U ace u q b ue Uc u fe q ˜d¨ w•q z t …w¦$…†G(¨ ((•Rs3wg3gc n ¥ U sc IRWrm™kXfietxsp Y BD r S T1 RtHG¡E'¤A97 n n B FC DC B @ 8   & P ‘ĵ ´ • ( ( ( ¡& 9 œ ' ( # n i n ¥ q g  h b a t u f t a e u q d…˜rse $0¡˜€V gc q n ¥ U sc BI—FWp·8u†g”`x€D E E   S T! 1 6 n B FC DC B @ 8 tHG¡E'¤A97  ’ g E g FIR8 IRirWgirVWggV™EXiÀg qS|gbmaB g mftpkV F°gRrh 4X@Bg aDcixVir txSBvriÀ‚XiB b XciRDg dx§ VSYFmaDBE ¾FtRSrSV9hie8—PB XXqyibVaDpBx Pgt”h€IVke8 `RQR9qIRBE SbgragiBSxV!gÀB™E FWDibnmFtpkVagV FjxtYaB|rR WrXIRtBihHG`g‘ €iE x gx‘ ‡fFfC`R@kBCB ‰XTTH@T FSbFih B Å X‘x gRQgtw€arB fX«YT ‚‘w ¨gbyQ8à aghXXFtrBY¹aBAB aDWDihpIY‰vr³ IBiGt”txgRn...
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This note was uploaded on 11/24/2009 for the course CS CS648 taught by Professor Surenderbaswana during the Spring '08 term at University of Massachusetts Boston.

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