App2_diff_int - respect to x To find definite and indefinite integral of a function int command is used in MATLAB Example Find integral of x^2 2

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Contents: - Differentiation. - Integration - hw Differentiation Derivative of a function can be taken using diff command. Write help sym/diff at command window to see more details about. Example: Take first and second derivative of the following function using MATLAB. f(x)=2*x^3+8*x^2 Soln: First define x and f as symbolic variable by writing >> syms f x later define given function >>f=2*x^3+8*x^2 and use diff command to take first derivative >> diff(f,1) to take second derivative use >> diff(f,2) Integration If the function f(x) is a derivative, then the set of all antiderivatives f is the indefinite integral of f with
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Unformatted text preview: respect to x. To find definite and indefinite integral of a function int command is used in MATLAB. Example: Find integral of x^2+2 using MATLAB. Soln: First define x symbolic variable by writing >> syms x and find indefinite integral using >> int(x^2+2) to find definite integral between x=2 and x=5, we can write >> int(x^2+2,1,5) hw: 1- Take derivative of the following functions with respect to z (Hint: Use help sym/diff command to learn taking derivative to respect to a variable) a- f=x*z+2*z^2+x^2 b- f=sin(x*z)+x-z 2- Take definite integral of the following functions a- f(x)=x+2*x^2 b- f(x)=sin(x)...
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