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Contents: -What is MATLAB? -Numerical Calculations -Assigning Values to Variables -Generating Vectors -Functions -2D Graphics -Using m files at applications -hw What is MATLAB? MATLAB is a technical computing enviroment for high performance numeric computation and visulation. MATLAB integrates numerical analysis, matrix computation, signal processing, and graphics in an easy to use enviroment where problems and solutions are expressed just as they written mathematically without traditional programming. MATLAB include TOOLBOXES in order to solve particular classes of problems. Toolboxes includes MATLAB functions (M files, will be explained ). Some of toolboxes are signal processing toolbox, control systems toolbox, neural networks toolbox, fuzzy logic toolbox. MATLAB is usually used in a command driven mode; when single line commands are entered, MATLAB process them immediately and display the results. It is also capable of executing sequences of commands that are stored in M. files (M files because the have a file type of “*.m”). M files are normal ASCII text files, and are created using an editor ( usually MATLAB M file editor) or word processor of your choice. All examples, given below, are written according to command driven mode. “help” is the most important facilty of of MATLAB. Write “help <command name>” on command
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app1_introduction - Contents: -What is MATLAB? -Numerical...

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