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additional comments - to the reader. Such twists as these...

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Willy Goebel Per. 5 9/28/09 Additional Comments Personally, The Grapes of Wrath was not very interesting. I believe that while the story is a good one with a captivating plot, John Steinbeck uses complicated and difficult verbiage which causes the storyline itself to lose some of its appeal. If Steinbeck were to focus more on the story itself then the landscape, character features, and the like, then this would be a simple yet interesting novel. For these reasons, I also believe that this book would make a wonderful movie. This is also true because of the well defined landscape that is constantly referred to throughout the novel. The strongest point of this book is its unpredictability. Although a reader can sense a general gist of the story before it happens, a trend from bad to worse, the events that take place are in no way predictable. For example, when Casy is removed from the camp by the cops, it is expected that he will not be heard from again, seeing as he has been jailed. Once he appears at the next camp, it is a shocking twist
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Unformatted text preview: to the reader. Such twists as these keep the reader on his or her toes, constantly trying to predict the course that the plot will take. One weakness that this novel has, however, is the lack of general intelligence from the characters. Although they have not been properly educated, many of them lack common sense and fail to learn from their mistakes, often repeating them again and again. This is shown when they go from job to job to job. Nobody seems to be able to figure out the trend that leads them from one low paying job to the next. This incredible lack of common sense doesnt seem even natural to me. This book is very similar to All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. Both books depict an individual trying to determine his true purpose and his true nature of being. These two books are also similar in the manner that they address the interactions between acquaintances and how they compare to those of families....
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