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Willy Goebel Per.5 9/17/09 The Box Man Barbara Lazear Ascher uses the first person format in her piece The Box Man to compare the importance of soul for the Box Man and for the speaker. The Box Man, as viewed by the outside world, is a man of simple tastes and a basic, repetitive, and boring lifestyle. The speaker brings the life of the Box Man into a revolutionary perspective by emphasizing the genius of the Box Man in how he is not truly lonely. Throughout the speaker’s justification and appraisal of the Box Man, the reader comes to see the
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Unformatted text preview: speaker’s true character and what type of person it requires to delve so deeply into one man’s life and find a remarkable spirit. In this way, we see the contrast between the simple and solitary Box Man who lives life on the outside, involving little or no emotion and thought, and the eloquent speaker who looks at the inside of a man’s being, who stares into the soul....
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