Short Poems - Like me hide your problems all up on a shelf...

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Short Poems Poem #1 If I don’t see you anymore, I’m in love with what I’d have hated before. Is senselessness from me in store, Or are we meant to be on the dance floor? You always spin my head right round, But the pain strikes back as you hit the ground. I’m in love with you, though strange it may sound, And nowhere, no time should your tears abound. Yeah, all you have to do is just be yourself,
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Unformatted text preview: Like me, hide your problems all up on a shelf. Close your eyes to your misery’s health, Let nobody in but me and yourself. Tattoos and memories, and everyone’s on trial, Letting your heart move just once in a while. My soul’s on fire, can be seen for a mile; I love you, baby, I just need you to smile....
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