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super - the border None of these claims are backed up well...

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Willy Goebel Per. 4 Jueves 2 de abril de 2009 Suber Borato is a Lie The article titled “Super Borato” from the Enlace Magazine’s website as well as the video that accompanies it is a complete lie. This piece of propaganda claims that due to the devaluation of the peso in recent months has allowed people to earn big dollars in savings in the purchase of products in Tijuana. It also attempts to prove that the insecurity generated by the war on drugs continues to generate concern, but the areas near the border have not been as affected as other parts of the city. It also states that there is no master list of items that are not permitted to cross
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Unformatted text preview: the border. None of these claims are backed up well at all First of all, if the value of the peso decreased, the price of that item in dollars would remain the same according to the laws of economics. Let’s say that Item A cost 10 pesos a few months ago, or one dollar. If the value of the peso decreased to 14 pesos per dollar, the price of Item A would simply increase to 14 pesos and remain at one dollar, keeping its practical value. Therefore, the arguments of this article are not adequately justified....
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