The Man and sosuave - The Man Date All right ladies and...

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Unformatted text preview: The Man Date: ____________ All right ladies and gentlemen, tommorrow's gonna be a big day !! The best day of your new life! Because, Uncle BBB is going to teach you all you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Follow my directions and your life will never be the same. Tomorrow, you're going to be, The Man. Yes, The Man. The Ladies Man, The Men's Man. Da f*cking Man. Tomorrow, you're going to wake up a little earlier than you're used to. Yeah. And you're going to have yourself a delicious breakfast, with some nice juices, fruits and cereals. No junk/fatty food allowed please. After that, you're going to poop! Yeah, poop. You don't want to go to school all loaded, do ya ? So, after unloading, take a shower, wash your hair, clean your face with special care. After that, choose the nicest clothes you can to go to school, without seeing like you're going to a party. Put on these nice shoes too! Wear a shirt or T that matches the color of your eyes, if you're blue/green eyed. It highlights them ! Make sure you're comfortable with your clothing, then put on your favorite cologne, make your hair look good, brush your teeth and let's go. If your parents drive you to school, put on some good music and have a nice conversation with them! Be nice to them, because they love you! If you go by bus, greet the bus-driver, change a few words with him, and then say good morning to everyone who cares to look at you. If you know the people, talk to them, be extra funny and extra nice. When you get to school, you'll be very pumped up, and with a huge grin on your face. Now fun starts. Walk around proudly and confidently, smile, stare the girls into the eyes and say hi, just like if you were a celebrity. Go up to your buds and shake hands with them, get up-to-date with their news. Dedicate extra-attention to your buds. You're having a great time, and they're probably the people you laugh the most with. This will get you pumped. And girls will notice. They'll see that today you are The Men's Man, the guy all the other look up too. And they'll feel very attracted by that. If you see some girl walking around, that one that you've always wanted to approach but never had the guts, just go up there and say: "Hi, what's your name?" or say something like "wow, today is such a beautiful day,isn't it?" She won't give you any bullsh!t for that. And if she does, just smile and tell that you'll find someone else who's in a better mood. She'll be pissed You're The Ladies' Man today. And The Ladies' Man smiles a lot, laughs a lot, and kinos a LOT. Kino them a lot, be bold, be daring! Dare!! This is the word of the day. Dare to hug that babe you don't know so well, dare to hit on the girls who have bfs but pay sooo much attention to you......
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The Man and sosuave - The Man Date All right ladies and...

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