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The Tale of Smokey Bong - T he Chinese army is great and...

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The Chinese army is great and strong But they were not always so far along There once was a war, quite awful and bad. The Brits were happy; Lin Tse-Hsü was sad. I don’t know the story, but my friend knows it well. His name’s Smokey Bong, and his story he’ll tell. Hello my children. My name is Smokey Bong. Do not be afraid of me, I’ve done nothing wrong. My complexion is pale; my breath, foul, it’s true, But I’m always quite happy and I’m never blue. The story I’ll tell you is about my great war Where we fought over something we hadn’t before. The whole conflict started with one single man. With the Imperial Commissioner at Canton, it began.
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His rise caused the conflict. He was named Lin Tse-Hsü. The Chinese did something he didn’t want them to do. Britain was giving China opium through trade Which was something that Lin strongly forbade. He believed his fellow Chinese were corrupt, Which caused a volcano of chaos to erupt.
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