HW6thermo - ENGR 301 F2009 HW 6 Due on Monday, November 16,...

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ENGR 301 F2009 HW 6 Due on Monday, November 16, 2009. 1. A 535-MW steam power plant, which is cooled by a nearby river, has a thermal efficiency of 40 percent. Determine the rate of heat transfer to the river water. Round up your answer to the nearest integer. 2. The Department of Energy projects that in the coming few years the United States will need to build new power plants to generate an additional 175,000 MW of electricity to meet the increasing demand for electrical power. One possibility is to build coal-fires power plants which cost $1,150 per KW to construct and have an efficiency of 32 percent. Another possibility is to use the clean-burning Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plants where coal is subjected to heat and pressure to gasify it while removing sulfur and particulate matter from it. The gaseous coal is then burned in a gas turbine, and part of the waste heat from the exhaust gases is recovered to generate steam for the steam turbine. Currently the construction of IGCC plants costs $1,520 per KW, but their efficiency is about 47 percent. The average heating value of coal is about 28,000,000 kJ per ton (i.e. 28,000,000 kJ of heat is released when 1 ton of coal is burned). If the IGCC plant is to recover its cost difference from fuel savings in five years, determine what the price of coal should be in dollars per ton. 3. A food freezer is to produce a 7.2 kW cooling effect, and its COP is 1.21. How many kW of power
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HW6thermo - ENGR 301 F2009 HW 6 Due on Monday, November 16,...

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