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Linguistics 103 Hayes/White General Phonetics Fall 2009 Term Projects: Recording and Transcribing There are quite a few little things that help make a good recording, so read this carefully. 1. Can I record my speaker with my own equipment? Yes, if you can meet two conditions. First, you must have good equipment; 1 and second, you must have a quiet location available for recording. If you use crummy equipment or make your recording with everyday life going on around you, it will produce a recording that is very hard to transcribe. Equipment designed for taking dictation is just awful and will almost certainly cripple your project; please don’t use this kind of stuff. 2. Making an appointment for the recording room The recording site this year is 2101E Campbell Hall . Go in the main door the lab, turn right, and go all the way down the hall. The sign-up sheet we will circulate indicates when staff are available to supervise recordings. This sheet will in general be posted on my office door, 2101G Campbell Hall. 2101E is right next to 2101F, office of Henry Tehrani , the Phonetics Lab technician, who can help you make your recording. Henry is generally around during business hours, except during the times marked XXX on the signup sheet. If you need to make an evening or weekend recording, please contact
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HowToMakeARecording2009 - Linguistics 103 General Phonetics...

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