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How much data is enough? Article from: Manufacturing Engineering Article date: November 1, 2002 Author: Knebel, Richard More results for: coordinate measuring machine cmm probe touches Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) come in many types, but one important area of distinction is the method of data acquisition. There are two basic methods: touch-trigger probing and scanning. Today, the touch-trigger CMM is the most common. It measures features by contacting individual points on the workpiece. The scanning probe CMM uses a probe sensor that is, by itself, a small measuring machine . Linked to the larger CMM with advanced control technology, it continuously scans the contour of the workpiece surface. Scanning CM Ms can collect hundreds or even thousands of independent points to define a part feature in the same time it takes touch-trigger probe CM Ms to measure only four to eight points. When choosing a CMM , it's common practice to obtain the machine 's measurement uncertainty from the manufacturer. The data are compared to part size and tolerances to determine the suitability of a particular
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[8] - How much data is enough Article from Manufacturing...

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