[13] - Can scanning probes and touch trigger probes work...

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Can scanning probes and touch trigger probes work together?(Brief Article) Article from: Quality In Manufacturing Article date: January 1, 2000 Author: Fellenstein, Stephanie J. More results for: coordinate measuring machine cmm probe touches Faster computer technology has helped move scanning probe measurement systems from isolated quality laboratories out to the shopfloor . But whether or not scanning probes will replace touch trigger probes remains to be seen. Choosing only scanning or touch trigger probes is not the complete answer, says Walter Pettigrew, senior vice president of sales at LK Metrology Systems Inc., Brighton, MI. "A scanning probe by itself cannot do everything just like a touch probe by itself cannot do everything." Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) equipped with scanning probes are found in automotive power-train, aerospace, and medical implant industries. A scanning probe can measure 500 points in the same amount of time it takes a touch trigger probe to measure six or eight points on the exact same part. "It's a balancing act between the advantages and the disadvantages," Pettigrew says, adding that scanning technology costs more because of the additional probe , the probe head, and probe changing capability. This may not be feasible if a company only uses scanning for two percent of its operation. "If they use it for 50 to 60 percent of their operations, then it obviously dictates that the investment may be good," he says. "There are certain features and applications that you want a lot of data. And you are prepared to pay the extra price to do that." How scanning probes work
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[13] - Can scanning probes and touch trigger probes work...

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