SA 108 Final Terms

SA 108 Final Terms - B alaji (2) 111 a. Balaji temple is...

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Balaji (2) 111 a. Balaji temple is 250 miles south of Delhi b. Hanuman is the chief diety of the Balaji temple c. The myth goes that Balaji was born of Anjana, a heavenly nymph who married a noble monkey and was cursed by the gods with a simian form d. Balaji was distinguished right from the start by great strength and gargantuan appetites. e. The legend goes that Balaji sat her in the lap of his mother, accessible only to the gods, who approached him for removal of their troubles f. His task was to bring to order the chaos of the spirit world g. Also his role was to regulate the relations between humans and the bhuta-preta Bhuta-preta (2) 117 a. Spirits who have died a bad death b. Bhuta – souls that meet an untimely or violent death c. Preta – spirit of a child who died in infancy or was born deformed d. Bhuta pretas exist between the human and spirit world e. Bhuta preta’s continue to yearn for a human body which they can enter and make sick Brahmacharya pariksha (2) 149 a. Translates to mean Celibacy test b. Ghandi’s self imposed test to transcend sexuality c. A Major lifelong concern of ghandi’s d. In his late 70s when he was feeling distressed about the political situation with the formation of Pakistan, he blamed that on himself because of his lack of branamacharya – bc he didn’t not completely rid himself of sexual thoughts e. He decided that he did not prove to himself and others that he was in total control of his sexual drives f. He got young women to sleep with him in order to prove to himself that he can control sexual urges
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– was controversial g. True excerise of that control yields some sort of tremdous power – benefits in terms of physical and mental health – but also power h. A sage who is able to contain sexual enegeries aquires robust health and long life, but also super natural power to control the environment i. Ghandi tired his sexual control to the larger macrocosm of the world surrounding him – he felt that he could retain control of that body Harilal Ghandi a. Mahatma Ghandi’s oldest son b. When Harilal got married, M. Ghandi disowned him c. Went to South Africa to join the struggle d. After his wife died, he began to eat meat, gamble, and drink e. When he disappointed his father, his father would say that “ I was a slave of my passions when
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SA 108 Final Terms - B alaji (2) 111 a. Balaji temple is...

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