Quiz Terms - Quiz Terms: Kaminaljuyu: During the Classic...

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Quiz Terms: Kaminaljuyu : During the Classic period, evidence has shown that Kaminaljuyu made an alliance with Tikal During the Middle Preclassic period, Kaminadjuyu was a dominant center in the Maya Highlands During the Late Preclassic Period Kaminaljuyu controls the obsidian exports, making it the center of trade for obsidian. During this period, Kaminaljuyu also grows in size and complexity. Funerary temples are built, irrigation canals are developed, and monuments are created. Evidence of the existence of a calendar system was also found in Kaminaljuyu. Emblem glyph: Is a kind of glyph (unit of writing) which appears to be very precisely associated with a place. Almost like place sign/place names. Mayan hieroglyphs are written in groups. Glyph is made up of several signs; same is true of emblem glyphs 1. Main sign: First part (root), refers to a place 2. Second part: Prefix (read it first) 3. Thrid part: ku Indicates "precious" or "in the descent line (lineage)" Primary, secondary, tertiary sites 1. The distribution of emblem glyphs is very assymetric (Joyce Marcus) 2. Discovered that you could distinguish between primary, secondary, and triatary sites
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Quiz Terms - Quiz Terms: Kaminaljuyu: During the Classic...

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