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Bartolome de las casas Bishop Bartolome de Las Casas was born in Seville in 1474. He went out to the new Spanish colony of Santo Domingo in 1502, and like most other Spanish settlers, received an encomienda (a royal “trust” or grant of Indians to work for him). In 1512 he attained priesthood, served as a military chaplain in the conquest of Cuba. Then when he began reading and pondering the Ecclesiastes, in 1514 he gave his encomienda back to the royal authorities and began preaching against the institution. He sailed to Spain to condemn the encomendero exploitation of the Indians. He became the protector of the Indians but he plans to relieve the Indians failed three times. In 1543 he became the Bishop of Chiapas. He is well known for “Very Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies.” He remains a significant figure in history because he was one of the first people to condemn Indian slavery and fight for their rights. Tzeltal Catechism The Tzeltal Catechism can be found in Womack’s Rebellion in Chiapas . Prior to 1972 catechisms were a matter of straight forward memorizing. In 1972 Tzeltal speaking catechists in the city Ocosingo, in the state of Chiapas create their own catechisms. Catechisms must have approval from Rome, should look like other catechisms, and must be orthodox. However, according to Womack, the catechisms produced by Tzeltal speakers do not look like any other catechisms. They are organized into lessons, which are divided into prayer, song, and a reading. These catechisms are important because we often think that
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Quiz Terms 2 - Bartolome de las casas Bishop Bartolome de...

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