book report - Title The Road Author Cormac McCarthy...

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Author: Cormac McCarthy Copyright: 2006 byM-71, Ltd. Genre: Fiction Number of Pages: 287 pages Word Count: 58,714 Plot and Structure (choose one) 1. Who is the protagonist of the novel? What are the conflicts? Are they physical, intellectual, moral, or emotional? Is the main conflict between sharply differentiated good and evil, or is it more subtle and complex? The boy’s growth and development seemed to emphasize him as the protagonist all throughout the book. His development was not all simple, he had to mature as a civilized human in a world were society had banished, and humans had turned to cannibalism. The fact that they were hiding from death and danger, made their physical struggles immense. He was too young too help his father, and he was most definitely struggling to survive against the obscure and dirty atmosphere. He was not only affected physically but mentally as well since he has to realize that he can’t underestimate the world he lives in. The story does have evil and good forces fighting against each other yet such struggles aren’t placed for entertainment but to bring about a universal truth. The boy was a symbol of hope as he said he carried the fire, stressing the fact that humans seek for a meaning to live in a world that does not promise anything in return. Characterization (choose one) 2. Are any of the characters a developing character? If so, is the change a large or a small one? Is it a plausible change for such a person? Is it sufficiently motivated? Is it given sufficient time? The boy is the character who develops the most all throughout a post-apocalyptic journey. The change is of coarse large since he changes his point of view from a young boy to a young man. In the beginning he was to prone to kindness, weep, and compassion. As he begins to realize the evil world he has to fight against he stops him self from trusting too much. He questions more and is more willing to endure the evil in the world. His change is plausible, for if he hadn’t learned to adapt, his downfall or death would’ve been the expectation of the reader. Since he’s a promising figure of hope his willingness to endure becomes more oblivious. The change took place in long time span, making the change more believable. It was also a change that required him to struggle against his wants. Theme (choose one) 3. Does the theme reinforce or oppose popular notions of life? Does it furnish a new insight or refresh or deepen and old one? The theme seems to oppose popular notions of life. The boy is a Christ figure who becomes the only reason why his father keeps him self alive. Also, he above all is the has managed to keep him self labeled as a good guy. Such position taken by the boy challenges the position of our reasons to live. It seems the authour is trying to point out that life is meaningless, that the only reason why we believe in religion or endorse anything else is because we need a motivation to keep on going. The possibilities to reach
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book report - Title The Road Author Cormac McCarthy...

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