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Referee FAQ for website - Q How do I report serious injury...

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Referee FAQ Q: What class or certification do I have to have to referee soccer at East Ridge Soccer Association? A: All referees, indoor and outdoor must have a current USSF certification. Classes are held in the fall and the spring. The class schedule will be posted on the Referee area of the ERSA website when it’s available. Q: Do I have to recertify every year? A: USSF requires that a five hour refresher course be taken every year. To help you meet this requirement, a list of area wide scheduled referee clinics can be found in the Referee section of our web site, Re-certification begins September 1 and goes through December 31. There is a $15.00 late charge for re-certification after December 31, and no re-certification forms will be accepted after March 1. Q: How do I get games? A: All games at East Ridge Soccer Association are assigned using Game Officials software. Directions on how to set up your Game Officials account can be found on this website. Referees are paid by check every two weeks.
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Unformatted text preview: Q: How do I report serious injury or misconduct while officiating? A: Complete and submit a referee report to the Assignor and the Assistant State Referee Administrator, Brady Robinson [email protected] within 48 hours of the incident. Q: Must I file a referee report? A: A referee report must be submitted to the State Office for any match during which a red or yellow card is issued, someone is seriously injured, or there is an unusual incident (a coach or other non-player is ejected; a match is terminated, etc.). Q: Where do I get a referee report form? A: A form is available on the ERSA web site, or contact the Director of Referees at [email protected] . Q: I didn't register last year; do I have to go through another 16 hour clinic? A: Any referee who was not registered the previous year may be certified at the grade he/she previously held by taking a re-certification clinic. Contact the southeastern district Referee Administrator for approval....
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