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Unformatted text preview: ECE 2%3%-C Home5ork Assignment ;< Assigned: Nov 23, 2%%2 1. (20%) (D ata D irectives) Fall Semester, 2%%2 Due: Nov 3%, 2%%2 C 2:%Dpm 1.1 Answer the follow ing questions w ith respect to the d ata d irectives g iven below. Th e data segment star ts at address 0x1001000. The ascii valu e for ‘A’ starts at 0x41. Th e ascii value for ‘ a’ star ts at 0x61. NU L = 0x00. .data .space 7 .asciiz “Ece” .align 4 .word 11 .word 12 .align 2 .word 13 label0: label1: label2: label3: How many by tes of storage are requir ed? What is th e value stored at the memory location associated w ith lab el1 if u sing little end ian format? What is th e value stored at the memory location associated w ith lab el2 if u sing b ig end ian format? What is th e address of th e word con taining the valu e 12? What is th e address of th e word con taining the char acter ‘c’? 1.2 Assume the data segmen t star ts at address 0x10010010. Write the data directives asso ciated w ith storing string ‘Star t’ at address 0x10010010, byte 0x33 at address 0x10010100, and word 0x33 at address 0x10010110. 2. (20%) (Memory) Consider th at you have available 1M x 4 memory ch ips (as shown below) and w ish to design a A) 1Mx8 memory system, a B) 2M x 4 memory system, and a C) 2M x 8 Memory System. For each design, deter min e 1) What is the number of bits r equired for th e address? 2) How many chips ar e n eeded ? and 3) Draw a co mplete design using th e 1 M x 4 memory chip as a bu ild ing block. 3. (20%) (Data paths) Using the supplied datap ath, write a micro code fragment to acco mplish th e following expression. Express all values in hexadecimal notation. Use ‘X’ when a value is don’t car e. Th e ∩ symbol represen ts logical AND . The ∪ symbol represen ts logical O R. # mem[100] & R1 = % " R2 ( + ( R3 ) 4 ) $ 256 ' ! 4. (20 points) ( Microcode and ISA) Write a microcode fragment that imp lements the fo llow ing MIPS assemb ly language program fr agmen t: lw $2, ($1) andi $6, $2, 0xF sr l $ 2 , $ 2 , 4 su b $ 6 , $ 2 , $ 6 sw $ 6 , ( $ 3 ) 5. (20 points) (ISA and Bran ches) Consider the follow ing MIPS program fragment and memory frag men t star ting at address 300. A) How many words of data are read in by the program fr agmen t? How many times is th e add instruction at address 1024 executed? What values ar e in registers $1, $2, $3, $4, and $5 at the end of the program fragment? What is the br anch offset ( in bytes) of the bne instruction at address 1032? .word n10 .byte n10 .asciiz “string ” ascii “str ing” .space n10, .align k Data D irectives Store the value n10 in memory as a 32 bit word b inary value Store the value n10 in memory as a byte value (8 bits) Store the ASCII string in memory w ith a null ch aracter Store the ASCII string in memory Skip th e nex t n bytes Force loader to go to n ext 2k byte boundary ...
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