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ANT 253 H1F Language and Society (Fall 2008) Professor Marcel Danesi ANT 253 H1F Essay Topics Write your final paper on one of the below topics. Clearly specify on your title page which topic you have selected. When writing your paper, please adhere to the instructions listed in the document entitled “Guidelines for Final Essay.” Failure to do so will result in a loss of marks. 1. In many languages around the world, it is common for men and women to use different words to describe the same concept or object. For example, Japanese men use the word hara for stomach whereas women use the word onaka . Can you think of any English words or phrases that are more commonly used by men or by women? Give specific examples and include an analysis of why you think the use of these phrases may be used more by one gender than the other. Use theories from class to develop and expand upon your argument. 2. Loanwords are words borrowed from one language and used by speakers in another language. Words borrowed to fill a conceptual gap in the borrowing language are called necessary loans , whereas loanwords used to indicate prestige are known as luxury loans. Think of loanwords that are used by you, your family members, or friends in English (or in another language) and attempt to analyze whether they are necessary loans or luxury loans. Can you think of other reasons why a person may choose to use a loanword? Use concepts from class to bolster
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ANT253_Fall2008_EssayTopics - ANT 253 H1F Language and...

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