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Unformatted text preview: On December, 2005, I finished high school. I was uncertain about my life and future. My father was moving to the United States, my mother was uncertain about their marriage and my brother and I didnt have any idea what our future would be. While all these events were happening, I decided that I couldnt wait for my family to solve their problems; I should, in simple words, move on. I had always dreamed about being a politician. So, I decided to make that dream come true. I found the youth division of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party in my state. I called my uncle and asked him if he could arrange a meeting with Gustavo Fruit, a congressman. At the meeting, I uncovered my plan, which was based on a simple sentence: Educate in order to eradicate. My targets were widely known national problems like corruption and mismanagement. By the beginning of July, the Juventude Tucana de Curitiba was in action. Meanwhile, I had been accepted at Federal Technological University of Paran. At that time, I faced one of the most difficult questions of my life: Should I enroll in college and leave the party or should I not enroll? I choose to not enroll. Soon, a team of three other friends and I started changing the lives of high school students. We started lecturing about politics in public schools and organizing charity events. During the next year and a half, we improved and expanded our organization. I left Brazil in December, 2007. By that time, we had more than a hundred volunteers. We were the most successful chapter in our country. I hope one day to go back, but first, I need to acquire the knowledge necessary to be a great leader. And theres no better place than the land of the free to learn the lessons that I look for. ...
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