5 ms2 981 ms290 m 8874 m2s2 or jkg 0887 kjkg

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Unformatted text preview: + (9.81 m/s2)(90 m) = 887.4 m2/s2 or J/kg = 0.887 kJ/kg mass flow rate = (500 m3/s)(1000 kg/m3) = 500,000 kg/s Power generation potential = (0.887 kJ/kg)(500,000 kg/s) = 443,700 kJ/s generation potential (0 kJ/kg)(500 kg/s) 443 kJ/s ENGR 301 = 443.7 MW ENGR 301 Work is energy transfer across boundaries of a closed system that is not heat. Work and heat are energy transfer mechanisms between a system and surroundings across real boundaries. Power = work/time J/s or W, ft lbf/s, hP ENGR 301 ENGR 301 Electric work We = V N Shaft work Wsh = 2 π n T V2 Work for moving a boundary ∫ P dV V1 Work in raising a body Work...
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