Quiz_chapter_2 - of heat transfer during this process? A)...

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Quiz chapter 2 1.The interaction that occurs between a system and its surroundings as the system executes a process, which is the result of the system being at a temperature different from the surroundings, is: A) Mass transfer B) Heat transfer C) Work transfer D) None of these 2. A 100 kg automobile accelerates from 10 km/hr to 120 km/hr. How much work does this require? A) 0 kJ B) 501 kJ C) 552 kJ D) 780 kJ 3. A 12 V DC electrical motor draws a current of 18 amps. How much work does this motor produce over a 10-minute period of operation? A) 97.42 kJ B) 129.6 kJ C) 216.0 kJ D) 318.2 kJ 4. Which one is NOT part of the total energy of a system? A) Sensible energy B) Chemical energy C) Work D) Thermal energy 5. A fluid is accelerated from a zero velocity to 44.7 m/s. The change in the kinetic energy of the fluid is A) 2000 kJ/kg B) 1000 kJ/kg C) 2 kJ/kg D) 1 kJ/kg 6. A cold soda initially at 2ºC gains 18 kJ of heat in a room at 20ºC during a 15-min period. What is the average rate
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Unformatted text preview: of heat transfer during this process? A) 20 W B) 18 W C) 12 W D) 10 W 7. The air contained in a room loses heat to the surroundings at a rate of 50 kJ/min while work is supplied to the room by computer, TV, and lights at a rate of 1.2 kW. What is the net amount of energy change of the air in the room during a 30-min period? A) 0.36 kJ B) 70 kJ C) 660 kJ D) 1100 kJ 8. A 40-kg rock is dropped from an elevation of 10 m. What is the velocity of the rock when it is 5-m from the ground? A) 2.0 m/s B) 3.9 m/s C) 7.0 m/s D) 9.9 m/s 9. A car engine produces an average of 25 kW of power in a period of 10-min during which 1.25 kg of gasoline is consumed. If the heating value of gasoline is 43,000 kJ/kg, the efficiency of this engine during this operation is A) 24% B) 28% C) 32% D) 36% 10. Which one of the equations below serves to define work? A) B) C) D)...
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Quiz_chapter_2 - of heat transfer during this process? A)...

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