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Sources of Data and References - Industries Inc 5...

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Sources of Data and References 1. Ghalambor, A., Andres, R., Hayatdavoudi, & Allen, T.  (2007). Drilling Fluids  Engineering Laboratory Manual.  ULL Department of Petroleum  Engineering (pages18-21).   2. Sand Content Set. Durham Geo Slope Indication,  http://www.durhamgeo.com/ testing/soils/field-testing-sandcontentset.htm/ . Downloaded 3 February 2009  (pages 1-4). 3.  Retort Analysis.  Expotech USA,  www.expotechusa.com/catalogs%5Cofite %5Cinstructions/165-00-165-14-165-80.pdf/ .   Downloaded 3 February 2009. 4. Magcobar Operations Drilling Fluid Engineering Manual , sixth ed.  1977.  Houston, Texas: Magcobar Division Oilfield Products Group Dresser 
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Unformatted text preview: Industries, Inc. 5. Resistivity. Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary, http://www.glossary.oilfield.slb.com/Display.cfm?Term=resistivity/ . Downloaded 3 February 2009. 6. Homan, D. M., Cao, A. H., Clark, B. 2007. Apparatus and methods to measure fluid resistivity. USPTO Application No. 20070018659-Class:324693000, www.freshpatents.com/Apparatus-and-method-to-measure-fluid-resistivity-dt20070125ptan20070018659.php/ . Downloaded 4 Feb 2009. 7. OFITE Methylene Blue Test Equipment. OFITE, www.ofite.com/products/Drilling/Kits/168-00.htm/ . Downloaded 8 February 2009....
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  • http://www.durhamgeo.com/ testing/soils/field­testing­sandcontentset.htm/. Downloaded, Drilling Fluids  Engineering Laboratory Manual.  ULL Department of Petroleum  Engineering, www.freshpatents.com/Apparatus­and­method­to­measure­fluid­resistivity­ dt20070125ptan20070018659.php/. Downloaded, Drilling Fluids  Engineering, Resistivity. Schlumberger Oilfield

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