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BLAST_search - How to perform a BLAST search 1 Go to NCBI...

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How to perform a BLAST search. 1. Go to NCBI website and click on BLAST in the blue menu bar near the top of the page. 2. You'll have to decide which type of BLAST you want to do. Most commonly, you'll click on nucleotide BLAST (to search with/for genomic DNA and mRNA sequences) or protein BLAST (to search with/for protein sequences). 3. Once you've clicked on the appropriate choice, your browser will show you a window with a box for your query sequence. Enter it (or an accession number or upload a sequence file). 4. Make sure you're searching the correct database you want under "Choose Set Search". Most commonly, you'll want to set it to "nucleotide collection (nt/nr)" for nucleic acids or "non- redundant protein sequences (nr)" for proteins. 5. You have other choices, such as limiting the search by organism or query, and you can choose the stringency of your search. Unless you have a specific reason, leave these blank or leave them at their default state.
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