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BI379_F09_Exercise_2 - In the paper that we looked at I...

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BI 379 Assignments for next week 1. Read the Chapter 3, section 3.1. We won't get through all of chapter 3 next week, but I want to start by concentrating on the examples of comparative genomics relating to… a) proteorhodopsin b) evolution of 3-color vision (and pseudogenets) c) conservation of the CFTR region d) mammalian chromosome rearrangements BI379 S09 Exercise 2 Due Tuesday, Sep 29 A:
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Unformatted text preview: In the paper that we looked at, I want you to take figure 2 and, for each gene targeting example, go to the final locus figure and color the part of the final locus that represents the inserted DNA (using yellow highlight, for example) B: Do and write out answers to Math Minute 2.2 Discovery Questions 1-4. C: Do and write out answers to Discovery Questions 2-12 and 2-13....
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