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BI379 F09 Assignment 6 1. On Monday, I'd like those of you who will be doing PCR tests of colonies to have run the tests and, if possible, run a gel to check them as well. I have left a larger gel rig with two combs in it in the lab and instructions (75 ml TAE and 0.75 g agarose). Please wash it out after you have used it (if you need to use it). Everything you need should be in the PCR box in the freezer. The two primers are OL220 and OL221. 2. On Tuesday, we'll finish the basics of Microarrays and talk about the ApoE paper. Be ready to discuss it.
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Unformatted text preview: I want input from each of you about the paper! 3. We will continue on Thursday (and probably the next Tuesday) with the following assignment A. How do you assess microarray data and cluster genes? Feel free to work with one another on this but the final handed-in assignment should be your own. This part of the assignment will be due Thursday, November 12! 1. Read math minutes 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 2. Do Math Minute Discovery questions MM6.2 #1 and #2 MM6.3 # 1 4. B. Read the Alizadeh paper and come prepared to discuss it on Thursday!...
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