CourseOutlineFA09 - Fall, 2009 Physics 141: Foundations of...

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Unformatted text preview: Fall, 2009 Physics 141: Foundations of Mechanics Course Outline I. Introduction to Physics 141 A. What are we doing here? B. What is physics? 1. Historical background a. The Copernican revolution b. The atomic hypothesis 2. Universal laws and unifying themes II. Scale and measurement A. Three fundamental quantities: 1. Time 2. Length 3. Mass B. Units of measurement C. Basic problem solving skills 1. Order of magnitude estimation 2. Selection of significant figures 3. Unit conversions III. Kinematics I: motion along a straight line A. Basic concepts 1. Position 2. Displacement 3. Average velocity 4. Instantaneous velocity 5. Average acceleration 6. Instantaneous acceleration B. Uniform motion C. Uniform acceleration D. Freely falling objects: Our first look at gravitation IV. Vectors A. Scalars and vectors B. Geometrical picture 1. Vector identity 2. Vector addition: vectors can be added to produce new vectors a. Commutative law b. Associative law 3. Scalar multiplication: vectors can be stretched a. Distributive laws C. Analytical tools 1. Coordinate systems 2. Vector components 3. Unit vectors V. Kinematics II: motion in a plane A. Projectile motion: Our second look at gravitation B. Uniform circular motion: Our first look at orbital motion 1. Centripetal acceleration 2. Angular velocity C. Uniform angular accelerationC....
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CourseOutlineFA09 - Fall, 2009 Physics 141: Foundations of...

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