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PH 141 Fall 2009 Foundations of Physics Laboratory Syllabus Week 1 (Sept. 9) No laboratory (short week) Week 2 (Sept. 14) Introduction to physics laboratory software Week 3 (Sept. 21) Measuring the acceleration of gravity Week 4 (Sept. 28) Projectile motion Week 5 (Oct. 5) Newton’s second law Week 6 (Oct. 12) No lab: Fall break Week 7 (Oct. 19)
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Unformatted text preview: No lab: Exam week Week 8 (Oct. 26) No lab Week 9 (Nov. 2) Ballistic pendulum Week 10 (Nov. 9) Two dimensional collisions Week 11 (Nov. 16) Angular Momentum Week 12 (Nov. 23) No lab: Exam and Thanksgiving break week Week 13 (Nov. 30) Air Resistance Week 14 (Dec. 7) Simple harmonic motion...
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