REVISED BIO361 syllabus-09

REVISED BIO361 syllabus-09 - Syllabus for BIO 361, Fall...

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Syllabus for BIO 361, Fall 2009 Lectures: MWF, 9:35-10:30, Union Auditorium Lect. Date Day Lecturer Topic Readings (Chapter-Section) 1 31-Aug M SS Overview and Intro to Thermo Chapter 1-Section 4 2 2-Sep W SS Water and Buffers Chapter 2-Sections 1,2 3 4-Sep F SS Amino Acids Chapter 4-Sections 1-3 7-Sep M LABOR DAY 4 9-Sep W SS Protein Purif, Techniques, Evolution 5 11-Sep F SS Protein Primary Structure, Sequencing Chapter 5-Section 3 6 14-Sep M SS Protein Secondary Structure Chapter 6-Section 1 7 16-Sep W SS Protein Tertiary,Quaternary Structure Chapter 6-Sections 2, 3 8 18-Sep F SS Protein Folding Chapter 6-Sections 4, 5 9 21-Sep M SS Enzyme Catalysis Chapter 11-Sections 1-3 23-Sep W SS IN CLASS REVIEW SESSION, LECTURES 1-9 23-Sep W 8:30-10:00 P.M. EXAM 1 LECTURES 1 TO 9 (EVENING) 10 25-Sep F SS Enzyme Kinetics Chapter 12-Section 1 28-Sep M YOM KIPPUR 11 29-Sep Tu SS Enzyme Inhibition Chapter 12-Section 2 12 30-Sep W SS Enzyme Mechanisms - Lysozyme Chapter 11-Section 4 13 2-Oct F SS Enzyme Mechanisms - Proteases Chapter 11-Section 5 14 5-Oct M SS Myoglobin and Hemoglobin Chapter 7-Sections 1-4 15 7-Oct W SS Allostery Chapter 12-Section 3 16 9-Oct F SS Chemistry of Lipids Chapter 9-Sections 1, 2 17 12-Oct M SS Biological Membranes Chapter 9-Sections 3-4 18 14-Oct W RH Carbohydrates Chapter 8-Sections 1-3 19 16-Oct F RH Introduction to Metabolism Chapter 14-Sections 1, 2 20 19-Oct M RH Glycolysis I Chapter 15-Sections 1, 2 21 21-Oct W RH Glycolysis II Chapter 15-Sections 3, 5 23-Oct F SS/RH IN CLASS REVIEW SESSION, LECTURES 10-19 22 26-Oct M RH Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex Chapter 17-Sections 1, 2 26-Oct M 8:30-10:00 P.M. EXAM 2 LECTURES 10 TO 19 (EVENING) 23 28-Oct W RH Citric Acid Cycle l Chapter 17-Section 3 24 30-Oct F RH Citric Acid Cycle II Chapter 17-Sections 4, 5 25 2-Nov M SS Mitochondria, Electron Transport Chapter 18-Sections 1, 2 26 4-Nov W SS Oxidative Phosphorylation Chapter 18-Section 3 27 6-Nov F SS Bioenergetics, Metab Regulation Chapter 18-Section 4 28 9-Nov M HL Fatty Acid Breakdown I Chapter 20-Section 1 29 11-Nov W HL Fatty Acid Breakdown II Chapter 20-Sections 2, 3 30
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This note was uploaded on 11/26/2009 for the course BIO 361 taught by Professor Lake during the Fall '08 term at SUNY Stony Brook.

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REVISED BIO361 syllabus-09 - Syllabus for BIO 361, Fall...

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