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PHY124 REFRACTION Exp. 7 Abstract Light experiences a process called “Refraction” whenever it crosses a boundary between regions with diFering indices of refraction, n . While doing so, the light bends in accordance with Snell’s Law: n 1 sin ( θ 1 ) = n 2 sin ( θ 2 ) (1) θ 1 and θ 2 are measured between the light ray and the “normal” to the surface on which the light impinges. 1 Knowledge and Understanding Goals You should have a “hands-on” knowledge of all the following items at the end of the lab period: The use of a protractor to measure angles. Which angles are the so-called “angle of incidence” and “angle of refraction”. How to recognize from an unlabeled ray diagram which of two substances has the larger n ( HINT: Where n is large, θ is small.) What is the condition for “Total Internal ReFection”. How to measure the critical angle for Total Internal ReFection. When the quantities in the lens equations ( o , i , f , m ) are positive and when they are negative. When an image is real or virtual. How to measure magni±cation. 2 Equipment 1 “Ray Tracing” Table 1 Triangular Prism 1 Protractor 1 Clear Ruler
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PHY124 REFRACTION Exp. 7 The “Ray Tracing” table (shown in Figure 1) is a clever device that allows one to observe and trace the path of light as it goes through a variety of optical elements. Light diverges from the bright lamp and hits the slits. Since the light is continually diverging, some of it hits the paper leaving visible lines that can be traced. Figure 1: The “Ray Tracing” table allows you to visually see the path of the light through the prism. We will use the light table for three experiments: Dispersion (dependence of n on λ ), Snell’s Law, and Total Internal Re±ection. 3
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ReflectionAndRefraction_1 - PHY124 REFRACTION Exp. 7...

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