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Chemistry 327 Organic Chemistry Lab Professor Joseph W. Lauher Dr. Zachary Katsamanis CHE 327 Web Site Blackboard Organic Chemistry Resources CHE 327 2 Credit, 1-semester course Lectures Tuesdays 8:20 – 9:40am in Javits 101 Labs 4 different lab sections: Wed AM & PM Thursday AM & PM Attendance at your particular section is required. Meet on second floor Chem Building in Lobby near elevator Starting – Next Week – Wednesday – Sept 9 or 10 New Organic Labs – Second Floor Chemistry There is no up stairway - Yet! Use elevator to go up, existing stairway down What is CHE 327 about? CHE 327 is a hands-on organic chemistry laboratory course. Cb j t i Course objectives: Technical Skills Isolation and purification of organic compounds Safe handling and disposal of organic materials Keeping a proper scientific record: lab notebook Keeping a proper scientific record: Concepts Uncertainty in the lab and solving unexpected problems Importance of data and scientific record Work ethic How to establish a safe working environment Who is who? Lectures: Prof. Joseph Lauher Lab Coordinator: Dr. Zachary Katsamanis Each laboratory will have one graduate TA and one undergraduate TA
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Required for Lecture: CPS “Clicker” If you do not already own a CPS interactive response pad (“clicker”) from e-Instruction, you must purchase one. Students with new CPS clickers will need to create an account at . All students will need to enroll in CHE 327 on the e-Instruction web site. The Class key is: I53432F435 Complete instructions are available on the CHE 327 Blackboard site, and will be handed out in lab. You must enroll your clicker in CHE 327 before next You must enroll your clicker in CHE 327 before next week’s lecture to receive credit. About 20 students have incorrect registration Log back in and check name, ID and clicker ID Clicker Quiz #1 When did you take CHE 321 Organic Chem 1? (or equivalent course somewhere else.) A. Fall 2009 (now) B. Summer 2009 C. Fall 2008 D. Summer 2008 E. Fall 2007 F. Summer 2007 G. Fall 2006 H. Summer 2006 or earlier Required Materials for Lab CHE 327 Lab Manual: 2009-2010 Edition , edited by Rong Chen and Marjorie Kandel. Lab Notebook: bound, with pre-numbered, duplicate pages. At least 75-100 pages. pages. At least 75 100 pages. Safety Goggles: Chemical Splash Goggles that meet Z87.1 ANSI Standard. Heavy Duty Gloves: Neoprene is recommended. Keeping a Scientific Record An accurate record is an indispensable part of scientific work! • The exact same work may have to be repeated. ----Human memory is faulty and unreliable. ----Scraps of paper get lost. ----Ink washes off the back of your hand. ----Unexpected events • Written record to prove to others what was done when ----a basis for a scientific paper or a patent claim.
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CHE327lecture1 - Ch Chemistry 327 327 Organic Chemistry Lab...

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