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Chemistry 327 Organic Chemistry Lab Professor Joseph W. Lauher Dr. Zachary Katsamanis CHE 327 Lectures 2 Credit, 1-semester course Tuesdays 8:40 – 9:40am in Javits 101 Labs 4 different lab sections: Wed AM & PM Thursday AM & PM Attendance at your particular section is required or you will be dropped from the course. Meet on second floor Chem Building in Lobby near elevator Starting – This Week –– Sept 9 or 10 If you want to add or change sections you must attend the lab you want to enter. New Organic Labs – Second Floor Chemistry Cold Cold! Dress Warm There is no up stairway - Yet! Use elevator to go up, existing stairway down Bad Clicker Registration No ID or Wrong ID Pads 10, 13, 22, 128, 175, 191, 204, 230 Test Question: Do you have one of these pad numbers? A. Yes (and I will fix it) B. Yes (but I will not fix it, because I want to get zero points for clickers) C. No This Week: Simple Distillation What is distillation? The process of heating a compound to its boiling point, capturing and cooling the resulting hot cooling the resulting hot vapor, and finally collecting the condensed liquid in a separate receiver. HO O OH HO HO OH Yeast Glucose - C 6 H 12 O 6 2CH 3 CH 2 OH + 2CO 2 anaerobic conditions aerobic Yeast Glucose C 4CO 2 +6H 2 O Mash
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Which still is most like Professor Fowler’s? ab ce Distillation: Uses Because each pure liquid has a characteristic boiling point, distillation can be used to: Identify Separate and/or purify compounds from mixtures In CHE 327, you will use distillation for both of these purposes. In this week’s lab, you will learn the technique of distillation. Why does it take longer to boil an egg Clicker Quiz 2 in Colorado than on Long Island? A. Colorado chickens lay tough eggs B. The boiling point of water depends upon longitude. C. Eggs shells are stronger when boiled in hard water D. The boiling point of water is lower at high altitudes E. The atmospheric pressure is higher in the mountains Boiling Point The temperature at which the vapor pressure of a pure liquid equals the external pressure on the surface of the liquid, is the boiling point at that
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CHE327lecture2 - Ch Chemistry 327 327 Organic Chemistry Lab...

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