Lidocaine Part F Revised

Lidocaine Part F Revised - Part F Small-scale...

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Part F Small-scale Crystallization of Lidocaine using hexane N H O N crude crystallization N H O N pure Step in procedure Comments 1) Place 0.250 g of the remaining crude lidocaine product (from part C) into a large test tube. Save some of your crude lidocaine for m.p. comparison. If you have less than 250 mg of lidocaine (after having completed Part E), go to the stockroom for a refill. 2) Set up a water bath in a large beaker and place it on a hot plate. Begin heating the water bath. You will share the water bath with one other student. The water bath will not need to reach boiling temperature. A warm water bath will be sufficient for this experiment. 3) Add hexane to the test tube containing the crude lidocaine. Add a boiling stick to the test tube. 4) Heat the test tube gently in the water bath and swirl until all the solid has dissolved. Immersing only the bottom half of the test tube will be sufficient in heating the solution. You should probably start with about 2 mL of solvent.
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Lidocaine Part F Revised - Part F Small-scale...

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