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1 ISyE 3044 – Spring 2009 Homework #6 — Due Wednesday, 22 April 1. Exercise 8.2 from the text GSWA. 2. Consider the conveyor system in Exercise 9.3 from the text GSWA. To model the formation of slugs at the end of the horizontal section on the left-hand side, you will need to form two sections, with the small having a controlled motor and a station and the large having a station where the slugs are counted. The distance between the two stations should be suFcient for a single slug. Use AutoStat to compute an approximate 90% con±dence interval for the mean total
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Unformatted text preview: travel time of a load in the system. Base the analysis on 20 independent replications with a warmup period of 6 hours and a snap length of 7 days. Your handout should include • a detailed drawing of the system with the sections, their lengths, and the station locations; • a snapshot of the graphics; • printouts of the source ±le; and • printouts of the relative output tables and graphs....
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