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Exam #2 Procedure Darren Pottinger Exam #2 Procedure 1. Write your name on the test. 2. Flip through and scan the test, then read the entire test. Make sure you understand what each problem is asking you. 3. Determine which problem is easiest of the remaining problems. Do that problem. 4. Select a methodology to solve that problem. 5. Read the problem in its entirety again. Then read it for a third time. Take each sentence and label it with (1), (2), (3),… or (n). Parse and write each given constraint or condition which corresponds to a label on the chosen test question on your answer sheet. 6. Use your selected methodology. Move very carefully from one step to the next, checking your answers as you go. 7. Check the entire problem. Then repeat step 3 until all problems are done. 8. Check the entire test. Wait a few minutes and check it again if you have time. 9. Turn it in. Methodologies !!!DEFINE ALL VARIABLES AND ALL CONSTRAINTS!!! (ALL VARS GREATER THAN ZERO IS A COMMON CONSTRAINT) Shortest Path Problems 1. Calculate the c ij ’s. Group c ij ’s who have the same i index together to make the algorithm easier. MAKE SURE TO SCALE THE COSTS DOWN, otherwise you’ll take up too much space writing and spend too much time calculating! 2. Use Dijkstra’s algorithm. Move from Node to node and determine the cost of traveling from that node to all nodes ahead of that node. 3. Use 2 pages at least. One page for the c ij ’s and one page for Dikstra’s algorithm. Maybe 3 for the constraints. 4. FORGET THE GRAPH. Don’t spend time drawing it. It isn’t really necessary. Formulating Transportation Problems 1. Determine if the problem is a insufficient supply (dummy supply node), insufficient demand (dummy demand node), or balanced (supply=demand) Exam #2 Procedure Darren Pottinger 1 1
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Exam #2 Procedure Darren Pottinger 2. Determine supply and demand points. 3.
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Exam_2_Procedures - Exam #2 1 Procedure Darren Pottinger...

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