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4106_F08_Project Evaluation - PROJECT EVALUATION Evaluation...

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1 PROJECT EVALUATION Evaluation Categories Your Senior Design team will be evaluated in four main categories: Work Product, Written Report, and Oral Report, and Professionalism. Each category has three sub-categories. CATEGORY SUB-CATEGORIES Work Product Scope & Challenge, Methodology, Value Written Report Content, Style, Mechanics Oral Report Content, Speakers, Visuals Professionalism Attitude, Reliability, Honesty Faculty Assessment In each sub-category your team will be assigned a ranking level (5, 4, 3, 2, or 1) that reflects the faculty’s assessment. Level Description Explanation 5 Outstanding Worthy of a senior design finalist. 4 Highly Satisfactory Few, relatively minor mistakes/conceptual difficulties. 3 Satisfactory Several mistakes, but no serious deficiencies. 2 Unsatisfactory Many mistakes OR at least one serious deficiency. 1 Unacceptable Serious deficiencies not worthy of a senior design team. Each evaluation will be mainly based on the contributions of the team ; credit may not be given for ideas, suggestions, or work contributed by the advisor or other faculty in support of the team. Grading Each ranking for each sub-category is associated with a number of points, which is your team’s score for this sub-category. Level Work Product Written Report Oral Report Professionalism 5 24 12 12 22 4 20 10 10 17 3 14 7 7 14 2 0 0 0 0 1 -60 -30 -30 -60
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2 Your grade will be based on your total score, S, as follows. Project Grade Score A+ 200 S 210 A 190 S 199 A- 180 S 189 B+ 170 S 179 B 160 S 169 B- 150 S 159 C+ 130 S 149 C 110 S 129 C- 90 S 109 D+ 75 S 89 D 60 S 74 D- 40 S 59 F S 39 NOTE: The evaluation at the end of the interim phase of the project is based on input from your faculty advisor and other faculty. Since the project has not been completed after the interim stage, several of the interim evaluation rankings are based on projections. Consequently, the interim evaluation grade is mainly intended to provide feedback to indicate how the team is generally performing at this stage of the project . The project’s progress will undergo significant
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4106_F08_Project Evaluation - PROJECT EVALUATION Evaluation...

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