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1 ISyE 4106 Senior Design Syllabus Fall 2009 1 COURSE OBJECTIVES Senior Design provides a design experience similar to ISyE professional practice, and an opportunity for you to learn about the business world. You will learn how to ± properly define and scope a problem; ± identify and analyze relevant factors; ± apply appropriate industrial engineering methodologies and computational tools; ± generate and evaluate alternative solutions; and ± improve your skills in - technical writing, - public speaking, - working within a team, and - project and time management. The vehicle for this learning is an intensive, semester-long, team-based engineering design project. You are responsible for finding a suitable project and a project team. 2 PROJECT REQUIREMENTS There are four main requirements that a Senior Design project must meet: ± Engineering Design . The project must involve a recommendation for change(s) to a system or to the construction of a new system, and an economic analysis of the costs and benefits. A project may include the analysis and presentation of data, cycle time analysis, simulation, optimization, determining standards, documenting process flow, etc., but these elements do not constitute an engineering design project by themselves. ± Methodology . The project must require the use of substantial industrial and systems engineering tools and methods learned in the curriculum. A project might be quite valuable for a company, but if it does not contain significant ideas and/or methods from ISyE courses, it will not qualify for ISyE course credit. ± Magnitude . Each team member is expected to spend a minimum of 12 productive hours per week on the project for a total of 180 hours for the semester, which equates to a minimum of 1080 hours for a six-member team. The project’s scope must be consistent with this expectation. ± Value . The value of the project to the client must be commensurate with the amount of time spent. Part of Senior Design is learning to identify which problems are worth your time to fix, and which are not. In addition to completing a project that meets these requirements, you are required to present your results in oral and written form, and to act in a professional manner toward the faculty, the client company, and your fellow students at all times throughout the process.
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2 3 ORGANIZATION The Senior Design Coordinator (Dr. Joel Sokol) has final authority over all matters pertaining to the course. Faculty Advisors are responsible for the day-to-day progress of their teams during the semester. You are responsible for keeping your advisor informed of the team’s progress and intentions on a regular basis. The faculty/team assignments are: Advisor Section A: MWF 12-2pm and MW 6-9pm Section B: TR 12-3pm and TR 6-9pm Dr. Shabbir Ahmed Groseclose 410, 4-2320 Dunwoody Senior Baseball GE Energy Dr. Ozlem Ergun Groseclose 220B, 4-2369 Honda Rainmaker Group CARE
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ISyE 4106 Syllabus Fall09 - ISyE 4106 Senior Design...

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