ISyE 4106 Tips for Success

ISyE 4106 Tips for Success - ISyE 4106 Senior Design Tips...

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1 ISyE 4106 Senior Design Tips for Success Senior Design is one of the most valuable, rewarding, and difficult courses in the curriculum. Here are some of the challenges it presents: ± You will face situations unlike those presented in class or in textbooks. Problems will not be clearly defined, data will be unavailable or hard to obtain, and (consequently) solutions might not be exact. ± The proper techniques might not be apparent, and team members might disagree about the right course of action. ± Not only will you need to use material learned in classes; you will also have to learn new material. ± You might discover you are on the wrong track and need to redo significant portions of your work. Accept and deal with these challenges. You will not be alone—you will be mentored through this process by the faculty. The following tips are based on the faculty’s observations of years of successful and unsuccessful Senior Design projects . Maintaining Progress ± The semester moves very fast; never stop working hard. If you meet a personal or team goal ahead of schedule, start the next task(s) right away—the jump you get will help you avoid falling behind later, when some other task takes longer than expected. ± Resolve any information-gathering issues (getting data from the client, answers from your faculty
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ISyE 4106 Tips for Success - ISyE 4106 Senior Design Tips...

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