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DisasterResponseAndHomelandSecurity - DISASTER RESPONSE AND...

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10/29/2009 1 DISASTER RESPONSE AND HOMELAND SECURITY WHAT WORKS, WHAT DOESN’T BY: JAMES F. MISKEL Group 3: Megan Babb Raahi kapadia Matthew Oats Nnamdi Okafor Murat Yildirim Daniel Zimlich ISyE 4803D: Humanitarian and Societal Operations Research Professor Keskinocak October 27 th , 2009 Stanford University Press. http://www.sup.org/search/blogthis.cgi?search=080475972 3 Overview Background Disaster Response in US Federal Role and Formation of FEMA Severity of a Natural Disaster When the System Fails Katrina: What Works What Doesn’t Katrina: What Works, What Doesn t Recommendations Discussion
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10/29/2009 2 Background Author: J F Mi k l James F. Miskel Purpose: Examine Disaster Relief as a System Objective: Discuss an Approach to Reform the System Disaster Response in US Structure of Disaster Response P i S S /L l G F d l G Private Sector, State/Local Govn’t, Federal Govn’t When the Federal Government plays a large role “Major” disasters – direct/operational role National Response Plan Largest Federal Contributors Military, FEMA
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DisasterResponseAndHomelandSecurity - DISASTER RESPONSE AND...

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