midterm-dartmouth - Algorithms Midterm Exam CS 25, Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: Algorithms Midterm Exam CS 25, Fall 2009 Due: Wednesday, November 4, before start of class General Instructions 1. Please type your answers or write clearly. There are five problems on the exam, please start each problem on a different sheet of paper. 2. Express your answers clearly and precisely . Informal answers get very little credit even if they express the right intuition. Conciseness is also important: lengthy or less pretty answers get less credit. 3. Read each question carefully. Unfortunately, if you misread and answer a different question than the one asked, you won’t get credit. 4. Even if you did very well on the homeworks, I urge you to carefully study the homework solutions supplied to you. I am saying this because I expect your midterm answers to be as clear and precise as the solutions distributed. The midterm grading will be much stricter than the homework grading (because you now have the experience and access to sample solutions). 5. Since this is an exam, I cannot help you with the particular problems on this exam. However, as you attempt to solve these problems, if you discover that your understanding is not complete on some topics, please see me or the TAs and we can help you with the concepts. To be fair to all, please don’t ask me to check if your solution is correct or any other exam specific question. 6. Do not discuss these problems with your classmates or anyone else. Unlike the homeworks, the work on the exams must be entirely yours. You may not consult any source other than the text book (CLRS) and your class notes. In particular, you should not look up other books, internet, handwritten or printed material from previous years, including homework/exam solutions distributed from previous offerings of this course....
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This note was uploaded on 11/26/2009 for the course CIS 502 taught by Professor Naver during the Spring '09 term at National Tsing Hua University, China.

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midterm-dartmouth - Algorithms Midterm Exam CS 25, Fall...

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