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行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告 製程管理與技術創新之探討—以台灣資訊電子業為例 Process management and technological innovation in Taiwanese information and electronic industries 計畫編號: NSC 95-2221-E-151-001 執行期限: 95 01 01 日至 95 07 31 主持人:林亮宏 國立高雄應用科技大學國際企業系 計畫參與人員:賀幼玲 一、 中文摘要 為了維持全球競爭力,近年來許多廠商 藉由推出創新性產品,迎合顧客需要,以賺 取更多利潤。在傳統科技與創新理論中,製 程管理因為在製造業中具有重要的策略意 涵,因而成為促進企業創新開發與擴散的重 要因素。因此,探討製程管理工具如何影響 企業創新活動,實為一重要的管理議題。 本研究和傳統創新管理文獻持不同的 看法,認為企業流程管理工具會對其產品創 新及製程創新產生不同程度,甚至不同方向 的影響。本研究之主要目的即在藉由對台灣 資訊電子產業之實證研究,釐清企業流程管 理與品質對技術創新之影響,並藉以引發學 界與業界重新思考製程管理之重要性。本研 究之重要發現有二 : 首先 , 廠商積極從事全 面品質管理有助於本身技術創新之開發 ; , 強調產品創新與強調製程創新的廠商之 間會有不一樣的策略選擇。 關鍵詞 :流程管理、產品品質、產品創新、 製程創新 Abstract: This study examines how process management and product quality affect technological innovation in Taiwan’s electronics industry, and resolves inconsistencies in earlier research concerning the effects of the age and size of a firm on organizational innovation. Results indicate that a firm’s implementation of TQM promotes process innovation activity, and that product quality is positively correlated with product innovation. Different strategic choices between emphasizing product vs. process innovations may differently transform companies. Keywords : Process management, Product quality, Product innovation, Process innovation 二、緣由與目的 During the last two decades, numerous firms have used technological innovation to enhance their competitiveness, their market-share, and their profit in the global market. Theoretically, total quality management (TQM) is important as a strategic part of technological innovation in the manufacturing sector. Hence, the relationship between a manufacturing firm’s TQM implementation and innovating behavior, after TQM tools have been developed and implemented in companies around the world, must be investigated. The promise of TQM is that the firms will
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